Craft: transforming traditional crafts

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Let me start by saying I’m not the craftiest person alive. I would LOVE to be, but those genes somehow didn’t missed me. However, I LOVE people who are craft oriented and fall in love with all of the end product the crafts. That is one reason I love sites like

When my issues of Craft: came in the mail I was immediately impressed. The small magazines are SO pleasing to the eye. They are clean, modern, colorful and leave you wanting to see more at the same time. I suppose that is what the cover of a magazine should do; leave you yearning for more.

The crafts are not your old school I’m embarrassed to put this in my stylish modern house crafts either. They are more like the amazing products you would find on Etsy and always wished you knew how to make.

The step-by-step guides for each craft are surprisingly simple to follow.  I was able to do most of the crafts, and that’s almost unbelievable! Accomplishing this, I felt like an artist extraordinaire!

The magazine contains the following categories:

  • A themed (by issues) Special Section
  • Columns
  • Features
  • Crafter Profiles

The magazine is even “green.” It is printed on recycled, process-chlorine-free, acid-free paper with 30% post-consumer waste, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forest Initiative, with soy-based inks containing 22%-26% renewable raw materials.

I can’t say enough about this magazine! It is laden with rich content and you will get more than your pennies worth out of every issue. If a non-crafty person can say this, then imagine how much more a crafty person would say. Craft magazine would also make a great gift also! 


I’m so sad to say that shortly after I wrote this post I was informed by my Craft: contact that Craft: has stopped its print magazine operation.  The good news is they are still going to be active on their website.  This is happening to print media like a virus as the online world is growing so rapidly.   If this post sparked your interest in Craft: I strongly encourage you to go to the site as it is a useful tool for craft lovers everywhere.