Hasbro Candyland Sweet Celebration & Catchphrase

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Game night can be an absolute blast in any home.  We enjoy playing together as a family (my son isn’t quite old enough to fully participate, but he does love watching) as well as when having guests over.  It’s a great social activity that is easy on the budget and fun for all.


One of my favorites as a child (and a grown up child) is Candy Land by Hasbro!  I have fond memories of playing this for hours with my brothers because to the bright colors, candy theme, and zany characters.  That’s why I was so excited to see that they have updated this timeless board game with a 3D version!  My son is playing with the cute pieces as I type this and I look forward to soon being able to teach him how to fully play this wonderful game.  As for now, I use the candy land road pieces to teach him colors!


For the grownups and older children, I recommend Electronic Catchphrase (also from Hasbro).  This one is great for get-togethers at your home or on the go.  It’s all there in the battery powered hand held device.  It keeps score automatically and includes over a thousand phrases.


Board games are much more interactive than a movie or videogames and something the whole family can enjoy.  I love these two titles, but visit Hasbro’s website for a whole slew of other great options!

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