Willow’s Whispers

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One of my son’s favorite activities is flipping through picture books and having us read to him.  We keep books piled all around the house to encourage this activity.  I love how I can use books to teach him so many different things.  I notice that my son’s temperament is one like his father.  He tends to be very content and quiet around other children.  He plays well with them but he just isn’t the loudest one around.  I found this book called Willow’s Whispers and thought it would be a great tool to teaching my son to speak up when he needs to.

Willow’s Whispers, by Lana Button is about a young girl who speaks in a low, almost whispery tone.  She goes throughout her day at school being asked questions and answering them in a tone that is too low to be heard.  Her father is the only one who understands her and has confidence that one day her voice will be heard.  Willow gets the idea while falling asleep one night how she can project her voice using a microphone!  She uses it at school and everyone hears her until it falls and breaks.  However, with the urge to be heard she finally speaks in a volume that everyone can hear and the class is overjoyed!  This is a great book about this little girls’ journey with very simple, clean, and beautiful illustrations.  My son loves pointing out the different activities Willow is doing throughout the story.  Willow’s Whispers makes for a great preschool age book and I highly recommend it!

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