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Let’s forget the pleasantries and get right to it: I love everything about the Wishbone Bike, and if my 2.5 year-old-son could express his sentiments he would say something like, “This is awesome.”

Here are some quick facts you should know about the bike:

- It is a “running” pre-bike, which means no pedals. A pre-bike allows little ones to get comfortable riding on a bike, learn balance and have fun doing it.

- The Wishbone Bike is a 3-in-1, as in, there are 3 stages of this bike: the trike (three wheels), low-riding two-wheel (think balance bike), and then high-riding two-wheel (think sprint).

- All the material (even to the box it comes in) is made of eco-friendly material and the Wishbone Bike has received high marks for its commitment to sustainability

- It will cost you two bones and a half (and by bone I mean a Benjamin)

When the box arrived at our house, I was fearful that I would have a difficult time putting the bike together (I lack in the area of carpentry). But it was as if the Wishbone Bike was crafted together with the design sleekness of a Steve Jobs product and the handiwork of Bob Vila. In less than 10 minutes flat, I had the bike built (okay, put together) and ready for a test run with my little guy.

Although we have videos to prove it (I’ll save you the cuteness), take my word when I say that my son took right to it. The bike is an extension of his natural running movement, and he was “riding” the bike back and forth with surprising adeptness. Your first reaction to the Wishbone Bike will be of its design. It just doesn’t look like anything on the market, and its sturdy feel speaks to its attention to the manufacturing process and high-quality material. The wheels of the bike (or as the dads on my street call it, “rims”) are noticeably large. This allows the bike to ride through dirt and grass with ease. It also adds to the aesthetic quality of the bike, and again, adds street credentials to your toddler. One caveat: if your streets have a slight decline, the bike will go fast.

Again, the bike rides with incredible ease, and is perfect for sidewalks, streets, and as I mentioned before (and as this youtube video illustrates), it is perfect for rough terrain. I know by now I must be gushing over this New Zealand made product, but I haven’t even started. Just visit www.WishboneDesign.com, and the story of the people behind Wishbone and their commitment to sustainability is contagious. Not only that, but the website alone is worth a review on its creative design and user experience (okay, now I sound like a web nerd).

It has to be said—the Wishbone Bike is not cheap. It will cost you $250+. I purposely didn’t use the word expensive, because that word usually means a product costs more than its worth. The Wishbone Bike has three things going for them that make the investment, well, an investment:

- It is three bikes in one. I foresee our 2.5 year old riding it for another two years …

- You are buying a product that literally feels like Rich (the original maker) built it in his garage, pouring hours into perfecting a bike that his own kids would love

- Lastly, there are some great intangibles that come with the Wishbone Bike. Here are three: pure joy from our little guy, peace knowing you’re product is kind to the earth and the noticeable enviable looks and comments you get from other parents. Admit it, that feels good too.


This review is based strictly on my opinion.  Others may have a different opinion or experience with this product.  I was not compensated aside from a sample from Wishbone Design for review purposes.

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  1. wonNo Gravatar

    do they have one in adult size? That bike looks amazing.

    October 12th, 2010

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