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Muesli. It's a word I've long associated with my grandmother. I've been perfectly content to stick with my trusty granola & all of the recipes I use it in. Imagine my surprise when I came across Seven Sundays, an all natural gourmet muesli brand, and actually loved it! Seven Sundays is committed to not only providing a healthy meal alternative, but does so in a hip and accessible way.

Drew's pick: Original Toasted Muesli with Strawberries from the farmer's market

Seven Sundays has added a new element to my family's breakfast time. During the week, this time is crazy due to differing work and activity schedules. While it's an important meal, it's rare that it's shared all together. I was thrilled to discover all four flavors of muesli Seven Sundays offers, each member in my family quickly honed in on their favorite. They even offer easy serving suggestions!

Ginger Pear Macademia, my favorite!
What is muesli? Pronounced “muse-lee”, it is a mix of all natural ingredients. A breakfast staple in much of Europe, it is a healthy alternative for the entire family. While it is similar to granola, muesli is less toasted (or even completely untoasted) which helps maintain a higher nutritional value. Containing far less sugar than traditional granola, muesli doesn't contain any added oil or fat. And I promise, it's delicious.
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Seven Sundays is offering a variety pack to a different reader EACH WEEK for a month. If you're skeptical, now's the time to try it out. Follow them on Facebook to enter and leave us a comment saying you did so!

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