Foogo Sippy Cups

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On the ever present hunt for sippy cups; I would imagine that most of us want something that is safe, BPA free, easy to use and leak proof. This cup by Foogo is all of those things with the gross exception of being leak proof. I bought this cup by Foogo because it was BPA free and plainly it was aesthetically appealing, and my son really seemed to enjoy it…until I put it in his bed with him for his nap. He woke up crying because it had completely soaked him and his bed. I know that some people have this Foogo cup and are thrilled with it and don’t seem to have the same dramatic leaking issues, but no matter how hard I try to realign the parts and always screw the cap on correctly, if it falls over it leaks. 2 year olds just need a cup that won’t leak. And for $16 we can all certainly find a cup we know will always be leak proof, and it is not this one.