Asics Gel-Kinetic 2 Running Shoe and Headband

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Main image for GEL-Kinetic™ 2

As I have stated before, in order to maximize ability in any sport, it is imperative to be equipped with the proper gear!  For running and speed walking, I have been using the Asics Gel-Kinetic 2 running shoe. These add shock absorption and added stability to each stride.  The shoe is made from Asics special solyte material, making these the lightest running shoes I have ever used!  One would think that such a light running shoe would forfeit ankle support, however these are beyond comfortable!  I can really feel the absorption technology while on a treadmill or concrete.

Also from Asics running gear is the double-layered polyester headband.  This piece is made from Asics’ Thermopolis material that is extra soft, light, and warm.  It is anatomically designed to fit your head perfectly with four way stretch for maximum comfort.  This piece is perfect for jogging in inclement weather, providing great warmth, without the annoyance of heavier, bulkier headgear.

Main image for Thermopolis® XLT Headband

As I my pregnant belly grows it feels good to stay active.  My last pregnancy I rarely removed myself from the couch.  I later paid for it.  It took me so long to get back in shape!  It definitely helps having great pair of Asics shoes such as sweet apparel to keep one motivated.  Here’s to a healthy pregnancy!

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