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Magnetic Little Red Firetruck - Click Image to Close

As you have probably seen time and time again on this site, I am huge advocate of wooden toys.  I believe that the tactile element of wood is wonderful for a child’s learning as well as a springboard for their imagination.

My son’s latest obsession with all things with wheels has been more than satisfied with Jack Rabbit’s wooden fire truck with seven firefighters and a Dalmatian puppy companion!  This beautiful fire truck with moving wheels also includes magnetized figures that help them from getting lost and add a fun component to your child’s playtime.  Every time we are out and about, and my son spots a fire truck, his excitement is through the roof.  Spending hours paying with a wooden toy one is the next best thing for him!

Magnetic Little Yellow School Bus - Click Image to Close

What makes this fire truck extra special is the company who designs it.  Jack Rabbit Creations is a small company that sells only to specialty markets.  Their products are original and designed by them!  They tend to use wood, tin, cotton and other natural materials and are supporters of the “no batteries required” philosophy.   What I love most is that they are truly a “mom and pop shop” with husband and wife Erica and Jim Lancaster in the office and one employee!  So, please do check out Jack Rabbit Creations when searching for a quality toy for your child or some else’s!

Jack Rabbit Creations :: Heirloom Quality Toys and Gifts

Be sure to check out the Jack Rabbit Creations website for more toys, clothing, and games all made with natural materials!  Jack Rabbit Creations is offering free freight on orders $50 or more using discount code: mommylove

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