Pao Pao Nursing cover

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natural unbleached cotton nursing cover (by pao pao baby) giraffe duet

I cannot believe the freedom and ease a nursing cover provides for a nursing mother and her child.  With my first born, I nursed for nearly a year without one and cannot believe what I missed!  A good nursing cover can encourage nursing and make the process much more pleasant.  I am so thrilled to discover a designer who makes one that is fully functional, eco-friendly, and stylish.

natural unbleached cotton nursing cover (by pao pao baby) elephant of love

Etsy’s Pao Pao, loosely translated as “precious little”, designs chemical free covers made with organic cotton for the organic line and natural unbleached cotton for the natural line.  I have the 100% natural unbleached, tea stained nursing cover with an eco-fi felt appliqué.  The felt piece is made from recycled post consumer plastic bottles.  Brilliant!  This cover is long enough to give you adequate coverage and space for your little one to feed and even sleep if needed.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve left my son under there while having a conversation with a friend.  In addition to nursing, I have used this cover over the stroller, baby carrier, and more!  I do not know how I got through my first child without this!

tea stained natural cotton nursing cover (by pao pao baby) sea turtle

Pao Pao brilliantly and perfectly designs each of her covers with care.  She leaves out no detail when it comes to her products.  After purchase, the nursing covers are delivered with the most adorable tags and packaging. This is one nursing cover every mom should own and makes a wonderful gift for any mother-to-be!

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