Pete the Cat, I Love my white shoes

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Being lovers of books and music, my son and I were stoked to sing and read along to Eric Litwin’s Pete the Cat, I love my White Shoes!  The story begins with a stylish bluesy cat wearing a pair of funky laced up white sneakers.  With a guitar in his hand, he strolls the streets singing about his love for his shoes.  As he walks along he lands in piles and puddles of things causing his shoes to take on different colors.  As the color changes on his shoes he switches up his lyrics of his song accordingly.


“I love my red shoes,

I love my red shoes,

I love my red shoes.”

Never seeming upset by the fact that his shoes are muddied up by either heaps of strawberries, puddles of mud, piles of blueberries, or water, he carries along with his stroll with the coolest attitude.  The moral of the story is, no matter what happens it’s all good.  As the story goes, “Did Pete cry?  Goodness, No! He kept walking along and singing his song.”  This story teaches my son not to get stirred by such petty changes but to remain calm and groovy through the changes.

My son reading along verbatim 

In addition to this folky simple story, Eric Litwin made a sing along song to the story.  You can hear it at Harper Collins’ website for free.  I love discovering books that not only have sweet simple stories but lovely illustrations.  James Dean does just that with his quirky sketches of Pete the Cat!   Place your child in your lap and have a listen to Mr. Eric’s white shoe story.

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Custom Made for Kids Personalized Book

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Imagine getting a product that captures your child’s attention and memories. That’s the beauty of Custom Made for Kids. These personalized books contain 32 pages of full-color illustrations complemented by rhyming text filled with memories chosen by you! When we first read the hardcover book to our son, a joyful smile came over his face as the pages were full of personalized memories such as our time at the Bronx Zoo to the mention of his favorite uncles and aunts.  He just adored the familiar personalized characters in the book, which included his grandpa, dad, brother and etc.  It really made it more personable. The illustrations are top-notch, and the real memories that the words capture on the pages make the 32 pages go quickly.

Our first book was “The First Adventures of Incredible You,” which personalizes your child’s name throughout the various adventures. It captures your child’s favorite activities, whether it’s playing the piano or singing songs in the bathtub or taking strolls in the park with a loved one. We constantly find our son choosing the “Adventures” book to read before he sleeps for the night, which is the greatest indicator of the book’s excellence!

The price is quite reasonable for $32.95 … we kind of justified the price by saying, “It’s a dollar for every memory captured on a page.” I highly recommend the Custom Made for Kids personalized children book, which also makes a great gift for favorite nephews and nieces. I’m just waiting for a personalized mom book to release!


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