Kalso Earth Shoes

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I can’t wait to get my feet into sandals again. Sandals mean summer, sunshine, sand & brightly painted nails. The sandal, however, must stand up to constant wear, while supporting my feet. When I discovered Earth INC, I fell in love. Kalso offers three unique brands; Kalso Earth Shoes, Earth Footwear, and Earthies. Each brand has it’s own unique feel, yet remains consistent in quality and commitment to feet.



The Enlighten Shoe might just be the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever own. Ever. Available in an array of colors, the Enlighten sandal features the Kalso Earth Shoe “negative heel” which feels like you are walking on air. The negative heel was developed by yoga instructor, Anne Kalso. She believed that raising the toes relative to the heel creates a feeling of wellness and balance. The Biofoam footbed adds additional support… but now I’m really beginning to sound like a mom. They’re comfortable, know that & try them for yourself!




The Kalso Earth Shoe collection features something for everyone; from sporty to trendy, there is a shoe that is the perfect fit for all types.


The Eminent


I love the style of the Eminent Sandal.

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